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A Little Story About a Most Persuasive Idea

by Bob Burg and John David Mann

(Penguin / Portfolio)

From the bestselling authors of The Go-Giver, Go-Givers Sell More, and The Go-Giver Leader comes another compelling parable about the paradox of getting ahead by placing other people's interests first.






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Make Yourself and Your Company Resilient in the Age of Constant Change

by Baba Prasad

(Penguin / Perigee)

In this engaging and insightful new book, management strategist and Wharton Fellow Baba Prasad sheds new light on the subject, and offers practical advice for executives, entrepreneurs, and anyone else who'll need the skills to face the unpredictability, risk, and deep uncertainty that lies ahead.

Filled with vivid examples and insights from around the world and throughout history - from the Brazilian rainforest and the "frugal innovation" of 19th century Indian engineers to Ericsson, Lego, Burt's Bees, and Zara--Nimble reveals what sets the most nimble leaders and organizations apart from the competition, presenting five types of agility that help individuals and companies not just survive but thrive in times of great change:

Analytical agility: Understanding the real problem
Operational agility: Driving leadership through action
Innovative agility: Finding creative solutions when you need them most
Communicative agility: Solving problems together
Visionary agility: Going beyond the here and now



...But Don't Call me Chong!

by Richard Marin

(Hachette/ Grand Central Publishing)

The long-awaited memoir from a counterculture legend.

Cheech Marin came of age at an interesting time in America and became a self-made counterculture legend with his other half, Tommy Chong. This insightful memoir delves into how Cheech dodged the draft, formed one of the most successful comedy duos of all time, became the face of the recreational drug movement with the film Up in Smoke, forged a successful solo career with roles in The Lion King and, more recently, Jane the Virgin, and became the owner of the largest private collection of Chicano art in the world.

(He also beat Anderson Cooper on Celebrity Jeopardy!)

Written in Cheech's uniquely hilarious voice, this memoir will take you to new highs. ;)



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Seizing Your WOO to Do More Than You Thought Possible

by Brian Biro

(Random House/Crown Business)

In There Are No Overachievers, renown speaker and former U.S. Swimming coach Brian Biro distills a lifetime of lessons on how to be more energized and passionate about work and life by seizing the WOO! A WOO is a Window of Opportunity--a precious, unrepeatable moment that can impact, redirect, and even reshape our lives, once we recognize and choose to seize them. By enhancing our ability to relate to others, increasing our personal energy, fostering greater teamwork, and better partnering with those around us, he shows us how we can create windows of opportunity each and every day that can change our careers and our lives.

Organized in a series of short, targeted chapters, There Are No Overachievers encourages us to engage others, overcome our incessant need for approval, and go beyond our limits to deliver breakthrough results.  Interweaving personal stories and anecdotes from his life as a top national swimming coach and executive vice president with insights and action steps we can apply to our lives, Biro reveals the secrets to living a rich and dynamic life, and a successful and fulfilling career. 

With degrees from Stanford University and UCLA, Brian has appeared on Good Morning America, CNN, FOX and as a featured speaker at the Disney Institute in Orlando.  Brian was recently named one of the top 100 most inspirational graduates of the UCLA Graduate School of Business in honor of their 75th Anniversary.  He has also been honored as one of the top 70 Speakers in the world.



An Entrepreneur's Guide to Using Your Head without Losing Your Heart

by Sheryl OLoughlin

(HarperCollins / Harper Business)

Aspiring entrepreneurs are told that to launch a business, you must go all in, but following this advice comes at an enormous personal cost: divorce, addiction, even suicide. It means sacrificing the intangibles that make life worth living.

Serial entrepreneur, Sheryl OLoughlin, knows there is a better way. In Killing It, she shares the wisdom she’s gained from her successful experiences launching a company from the ground up (Plum Organics), running two fast-growing companies (Clif Bar and REBBL), and mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs (Stanford University). She tells it like it is: If you don’t invest in your wellbeing, your business will not succeed, nor will you.

Sheryl offers insights about launching and growing a business while maintaining a fulfilled life in this practical guide filled with hard-won advice culled from the author’s own sometimes painful experiences. In this warm, honest, and wise handbook, she gives you the essentials for killing it in business—without killing the rest of your life.

Filled with real-life examples and anecdotes, Killing It addresses common questions including:

  • How do you prepare your significant other for your business venture?

  • How do you time launching and growing your business with the ebb and flow of family life?

  • How do you find joy in the day-to-day?

  • How do you maintain meaningful, supportive friendships?

  • How do you walk away and start again?

The ultimate life and business course, Killing It gives entrepreneurs the tools they need to start their enterprise and thrive—both in the office and at home.




A Little Book About Choosing to Play Big

by Terri Sjodin


Scrappy \’skra-pe\ adj:
Full of fighting spirit—synonymous with having moxie, being feisty, enthusiastic, gutsy, lively, and spunky.

In today’s competitive market, it takes more than just showing up, more than persistence, more than just having a dream to reach your goals. Sometimes you have to roll up your shirt sleeves and get a little scrappy! Scrappy people see big problems and come up with big solutions. Or they see ordinary challenges and find a new path to extraordinary results. In today’s world you need a consistent attitude, a proven strategy, and a tactical plan for execution. Terri Sjodin’s Scrappy can help you, by explaining and demonstrating the unique elements behind any successful effort. Drawing on research, interviews, and her own personal experience, Sjodin identifies the habits that will help you get into the right mindset. She shares stories of scrappy tactics that have worked and those that have crashed and burned, in order to provide practical takeaways for achieving your vision, whatever it might be. Whether you’re a sales rep, a job seeker, an entrepreneur with big dreams but a small budget, or a corporate executive aiming for the next level of success, the fastest way to get what you want is to get scrappy. This book will show readers:

  • Why getting scrappy is a choice to play big.

  • How to cultivate your best ideas.

  • How to manage risks and bounce back from mistakes and failures.

  • How to scale a scrappy culture within any organization, big or small.




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Breaking Free From Childhood Trauma

by Dr. Arlene Drake

(Regan Arts)

With more than thirty years of experience, Dr. Arlene Drake writes a guide for those desperately in need of a way to break free from the pain of childhood abuse and reclaim their lives.

When confronted with an abused child, our first impulse is to drop everything and provide comfort, get him or her out of danger, and find out what the hell is going on at home. It’s obvious that the child is helpless, in trouble, and need protection. Parents or not, we instinctively know what to do: We take care of the child.

But what if the child is you?

Active and directive, Carefrontation is filled with exercises and the simple, effective tools Dr. Drake has used successfully with her own clients for more than three decades. It lays out a powerful way to repair the damage of childhood abuse and its lasting effects, by teaching you what your parents couldn’t: an invaluable set of skills and practices that will give you the resources to live as a healthy, happy adult.

With the clear path this book provides, you can finally acknowledge that the suffering and the pain can stop. The destructive patterns can end. You can graduate, at last, into a life beyond “abuse victim” and for the first time take the power back from your abusers and finally be at peace.





A US Navy SEAL's True Story of Friendship,Heroism, and the Ultimate Sacrifice

by Brandon Webb with John D. Mann


Bestselling author Brandon Webb was inspired to write LOST HEROES after receiving expressions of gratitude from the parents of a few of his comrades--fallen soldiers he mentioned briefly in his previous book, THE RED CIRCLE. He decided to write a book to honor the memories of eight men he had gotten to know during his time in the Navy SEALs.

He wanted to tell the stories of people like Matt Axelson (who died on the LONE SURVIVOR mission), J.T. Tomlinson, Mike "The Bear" Bearden, and many other Spec Ops warriors who gave their lives in service.

"These are guys I've taught and who have taught me, guys I've trained with and fought with, warriors for whom I would have gladly given my life. As it turned out, it was they who gave up their lives, and I wanted to honor their memories."

Lost Heroes is the story of nine men the author had the privilege of getting to know during his time in the Navy SEALs—of how they each lived, what they stood for, and how they each came to make the ultimate sacrifice. A deeply personal, flesh-and-blood chronicle of nine friends’ lives, it is also a story that reflects on the meaning of sacrifice, truths of war, and the costs of peace.



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How to Spot Frenemies, Underminers, and Toxic People in Your Life

by Wendy Patrick PhD

(St. Martin's Press)

In READING RED FLAGS, Dr. Wendy Patrick teaches us how to spot ‘red flags’ by removing the emotional blinders that cause us to miss signs of danger and deception. She identifies how appealing characteristics and behaviors can combine with our emotional state to distort the lens through which we perceive others. RED FLAGS shows us how to read others objectively to reveal the inner motivation underlying outward behavior, in order to enhance our ability to assess people both personally and professionally, quickly and easily.

RED FLAGS incorporates the author’s nearly 20-year career in law enforcement as a veteran prosecutor who began her career as a criminal defense attorney, as well as her PhD research on the psychology of attraction. Illustrated through sometimes shocking and scandalous examples of seemingly respectable people engaging in appalling and deviant behavior (many of which are based on cases Dr. Patrick has prosecuted), this book will teach readers how to more accurately interpret red flags and save themselves and/or loved ones from physical and mental harm, financial loss or heartache.







My Life Surviving Poitics, TV, and Addiction

by Bob Beckel, with John D. Mann

(Hachette Books)

A memoir by the boisterous, often raucous Bob Beckel, everyone’s favorite Democrat on Fox news Channel’s The Five. Whether they agree with his liberal views or not, Fox viewers appreciate Bob’s honest and humorous commentary on events in the world of politics.

In his signature, brutally honest style, Bob shares his experience overcoming a childhood marked by severe mental and physical abuse to create a life in the field he is most passionate about—politics. In order to deal with the stress, the breakneck pace and long hours, he turned to drugs, alcohol, and a variety of other vices, all of which ultimately lead to his undoing. When he hit bottom and all seemed lost, he found help in the most unexpected ally—a prominent conservative Republican who, despite their many differences, remains one of his closest friends and confidants. Drug and alcohol-free over fourteen years now, Bob is enjoying his second chance at a successful career and a renewed relationship with his children.






A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea

by Bob Burg and John D. Mann

(Penguin / Portfolio)


--Updated edition with a new introduction, author Q&A, and a foreword by

Arianna Huffington!

The Go-Giver tells the story of an ambitious young man named Joe who yearns for success. Joe is a true go-getter, though sometimes he feels as if the harder and faster he works, the further away his goals seem to be. And so one day, desperate to land a key sale at the end of a bad quarter, he seeks advice from the enigmatic Pindar, a legendary consultant referred to by his many devotees simply as the Chairman.

Over the next week, Pindar introduces Joe to a series of “go-givers:” a restaurateur, a CEO, a financial adviser, a real estate broker, and the “Connector,” who brought them all together. Pindar’s friends share with Joe the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success and teach him how to open himself up to the power of giving.

Joe learns that changing his focus from getting to giving—putting others’ interests first and continually adding value to their lives—ultimately leads to unexpected returns.

Imparted with wit and grace, The Go-Giver is a heartwarming and inspiring tale that brings new relevance                                                                                      to the old proverb “Give and you shall receive.”

“The Go-Giver is the most important Fable about busines--andlife--of our time."                                                                                                                         —ADAM GRANT, NY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF GIVE AND TAKE




The Making of a Navy SEAL:

My Story of Surviving the Toughest Challenge and Training the Best

by Brandon Webb

(St. Martin's Griffin)

--Adapted for the YA audience from Brandon's bestselling book, THE RED CIRCLE


Publisher's description: Brandon Webb's experiences in the world's most elite sniper corps are the stuff of legend. From his grueling years of training in Naval Special Operations to his combat tours in the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan, The Making of a Navy SEAL provides a rare and riveting look at the inner workings of the U.S. military through the eyes of a covert operations specialist.

Yet it is Webb's distinguished second career as a lead instructor for the shadowy "sniper cell" and Course Manager of the Navy SEAL Sniper Program that trained some of America's finest and deadliest warriors--including Marcus Luttrell and Chris Kyle--that makes his story so compelling. Luttrell credits Webb's training with his own survival during the ill-fated 2005 Operation Redwing in Afghanistan. Kyle went on to become the U.S. military's top marksman, with more than 150 confirmed kills.

From a candid chronicle of his student days, going through the sniper course himself, to his hair-raising close calls with Taliban and al Qaeda forces in the northern Afghanistan wilderness, to his vivid account of designing new sniper standards and training some of the most accomplished snipers of the twenty-first century, Webb provides a rare look at the making of the Special Operations warriors who are at the forefront of today's military.

Explosive, revealing, and intelligent, The Making of a Navy SEAL provides a uniquely personal glimpse into one of the most challenging and secretive military training courses in the world.




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Master the Art of Ultimate Influence

by Bob Burg


“Adversaries into Allies is full of practical wisdom for becoming more persuasive while keeping your integrity intact. Bob Burg, a master of winning friends and influencing people, has written an immensely useful and thoroughly enjoyable book.”                                                                             —ADAM GRANT, WHARTON PROFESSOR; AUTHOR OF GIVE AND TAKE

“How can we achieve the challenging goal of turning adversaries into allies? We can start by turning the pages of Adversaries into Allies, which provides an impressively clear and compelling explanation of just how to do it.”                                                                                                                              —ROBERT B. CIALDINI, AUTHOR OF INFLUENCE

“I wish I had read Bob Burg’s newest book early in my career. What a difference it would have made! It is definitely a must read for everyone who wants to enhance their business success, but don’t just read it once. It’s a book you need to read time and time again. Many thanks to Bob for a valuable new work.”                                                                                                                                                       —SUSAN SOLOVIC, AUTHOR; COFOUNDER OF SMALL BUSINESS TELEVISION

“Bob Burg has delivered again! In Adversaries into Allies, you’ll learn how to influence and persuade others toward outcomes that create genuinely good feelings and results for everyone involved. The principles of how exactly to do that, consistently and predictably, are powerfully presented in this tremendous book. And you’re about to learn them from a master.”                                                                                                                                                                 —STEPHEN M. R. COVEY, AUTHOR OF THE SPEED OF TRUST AND COAUTHOR OF SMART TRUST

“Simultaneously challenging and encouraging, Adversaries into Allies delivers on the promise of sustainable influence. You will literally feel your perspective shift as you turn the pages. Bob drives timeless wisdom into real-time action.”                                                                                                                           —DONDI SCUMACI, AUTHOR OF CAREER MOVES, DESIGNED FOR SUCCESS, AND READY, SET . . . GROW



Unleashing the Power of Strategic Thinking

by John Manfredi, Paul Butler and Peter Klein


Strategic thinking is a poorly understood concept. For many, strategic thinking is The Black Box—or something used exclusively by academics and high-priced consultants.  

OPENING THE BLACK BOX re-defines, de-mystifies and simplifies great thinking and decision-making. The authors provide a simple, proven approach to analyze issues and challenges faced by any business, small or large. Their approach strips out all the complexity and offers a system that works at an individual level and throughout the organization.

This book will guide readers to something that’s real, actionable and accessible, taking strategic thinking from the realm of the ‘few elites’ to become the everyday essential at any level of an organization.

All three authors now run their own strategic thinking consulting firms, after enjoying decades-long careers in the highest ranks of Fortune 500 companies such as Pfizer, Nabisco, Gillette (the list goes on).



The New One Minute Manager --Updated for the 21st Century!

by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson


Based on the original One Minute Manager, which has sold over 15 million copies

Updated to meet the needs of today's managers! The world has changed and so has the One Minute Manager. He’s adapted new ways to help you succeed sooner in this rapidly changing world.

The New One Minute Manager can take anyone, no matter their level experience and give them the tools to bring their team, their division, their store, or their company to the next level. Reading this updated version of the classic parable only takes an hour, but the lessons will stay with you for a lifetime.

Fans of the original should read this new-and-improved version to refresh their management skills and improve their life at work and at home. Newcomers should read it to see why this short and valuable book is still a bestseller over 30 years later!

 “I am thrilled with The New One Minute Manager. A hugely helpful resource in a constantly changing world.”  —  Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Former Head of Corporate Social Innovation, Twitter, Inc.

 Millions of people in thousands of organizations around the world have benefited from using the three One Minute Secrets, including individual men and women from:  Apple • Twitter • Microsoft • Verizon • Nabisco • Cornell University • Georgia Pacific • Johnson & Johnson • Wells Fargo    • Harvard University • KFC • Hewlett-Packard • Coca-Cola • Lowe’s• Wal-Mart • Lockheed • Hickory Farms • Nissan • AT&T • United States Army, Navy, and Air Force • and many others.





Fire Up and Fine Tune Your Employee Culture

by Stan Slap


From top management consultant and bestselling author of BURY MY HEART IN CONFERENCE ROOM B. This isn’t another book about how to successfully manage employees. It’s a unique guide to successfully managing an employee culture, which is a whole different thing. This is the first book to articulate the deep logic of employee cultures.

UNDER THE HOOD is filled with over 100 practical, tactical steps to renew and maximize the commitment of your employee culture. Included is how to create more cultural energy, sell an employee culture change, achieve emotional commitment, communicate persuasively, create meaningful cultural compensation without spending a lot of money, earn and regain your employee culture’s trust and much, much more.

The book features critical organization-wide applications, from how to scale a great culture during fast growth to how to unite an anxious culture during M&A. There are intimate discussions with CEOs renowned for their leadership of employee cultures who give advice for any manager. There are behind the scenes stories of key culture moments in well known companies – the good, the bad and oh, come on!  And there are interviews with everyone from Mike Arnold, on directing his team filming the Super Bowl, to guitarist Brian Ray who explains what its like to work for Paul McCartney.




The Right Way and the Wrong Way of Leaving Money to Your Children (and Others) 

by Jeffrey L. Condon, Esq. 


Originally published in 1996, this perennial seller has been called "the best estate planning book in America" by The Wall Street Journal.

Author Jeffrey L. Condon, ESQ. has made extensive updates to this new edition so you can rest assured knowing that you have all the latest information to:

  • Ensure that their inheritance instructions will be carried out -- the way you want them to be

  • Protect your child's inheritance from creditors, ex-spouses, addictions, tax troubles, mismanagement, squandering, and other risks of loss

  • Prevent family conflict that can arise when parents die and children divide the "family money"

  • Leave more money to your children and grandchildren, and less to the IRS -- and understand the hidden cost of a "death tax" repeal

"With good sense, humor, and authority, the author provides a thorough look at inheritance planning with an eye toward maintaining good, stable family relations well after the estate has been settled. "

                                                                                                                                 --David Rouse, Booklist



FISH! 2014 cover.jpg


A Proven Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results

by John Christensen, Steve Lundin and Harry Paul


Imagine a workplace where everyone chooses to bring energy, passion, and a positive attitude to the job every day. Imagine an environment in which people are truly connected to their work, to their colleagues, and to their customers.

In this engrossing parable, a manager is charged with the responsibility of turning a chronically unenthusiastic and unhelpful department into an effective team. Across the street from her office is Seattle's Pike Place Fish Market, world famous and wildly successful thanks to its fun, bustling, joyful atmosphere and excellent customer service. By applying ingeniously simple lessons learned from the actual Pike Place fishmongers, our manager learns how to energize those who report to her and effect an astonishing transformation in her workplace.

Addressing today's work issues (including employee retention and burnout) with an engaging metaphor and an appealing message that applies to any sector of any organization, Fish! offers wisdom that is easy to grasp, instantly applicable, and profound--the hallmarks of a true business classic. Based on a bestselling ChartHouse training video which has been adopted by corporations including Southwest Airlines, Sprint, and Nordstrom.

--This new edition has been "revised and re-energized" with inspirational stories and new resources to help transform your life at work and at home